The Façade Studio


The Façade Studio is a building envelope consulting company founded in 2017 in Mexico City, which applies cutting edge software and procedures to understand, analyze, solve and represent façade conditions for projects of every typology and scale. This includes projects all the way from museums with specialized spectrophotometric requirements, to high rise buildings with wind-load and seismic design challenges. We are familiar with the local construction market and its capabilities and limitations, having delivered projects in all regions of the country.

We Analyze. We apply the scientific method to assist the decision making and the architectural design process through parametric, mathematic, and iterative models that allow to explore all of the alternatives that compose the full array of possibilities for each project. Knowing that the final decision is the one that best matches both the design and the investment intent.

We Explain. The best idea is the one that can be transmitted most effectively. The façade engineering process provides complex solutions and conditions but that’s only half of the challenge. The other half is to communicate the project in such a clear way, that anyone who reads our documents can understand the way that our solutions adapt to each condition. Fundamental to our work are multidisciplinary workshops in which we can develop sketches, check samples, explain manufacturing and installation processes so that every one involved is well informed of each design decision.

We Represent. The Façade Studio is well known for its quality at graphic representation. We perform technical sketches, BIM models, Algorithms-aided design, Augmented reality models, 3D modeling & printing, animations and more; whenever the Design Process requires one or all of those resources.