Benson® Curtain Wall is a comprehensive façade construction service including system design, estimating, materials selection, engineering, prototype testing, project management, and site installation. Benson® Glass is a contract glazing service for new and existing construction, including storefront, window and window wall, glass replacement, and pre-engineered and custom curtain walls. Benson Curtain Wall and

Benson Glass solutions are now available as part of the MiTek® portfolio of solutions. MiTek is a platform innovator and enabler that exists to transform the building industry with better building solutions. Our software, services, engineered products, and automation enable our customers and partners to transform the way they design, make, and build.

We collaborate across the building industry – from developers and designers to fabricators and builders – to enable and accelerate transformational breakthroughs in design and construction, both on-site and off-site.