Facade Tectonics Institute Hosts Sold-Out Regional Forum at University of Toronto

The Facade Tectonics Institute (FTI) is a premier member organization for building industry professionals, academic, government, and nonprofit organizations and institutions focusing on healthy and livable communities. FTI is pleased to announce that the organization sold-out the third of its 2019 Regional Forum Series Material Matters at the University of Toronto, Faculty Club on Friday, May 3, 2019. The daylong program was followed by a cocktail reception.

FTI is widely recognized for producing the leading technical events focused on buildings and urban habitat through the lens of the building skin. FTI’s celebrated Forum series focuses on industry issues, trends, and emerging technologies as they relate to building facade systems and more specifically the communities in which they take place. Facade Tectonics Forum: TORONTO brought leading building industry professionals and academics together to confront four themes central to ever-evolving facade technology, themes engaging facade design, delivery, renewal, materiality, sustainability and resilience.

About Toronto

Each city that FTI has hosted a regional Forum in has had an intrinsic relationship with the facade industry. Toronto was particularly special both for its historical involvement and thought leadership in the area of facade system technology. The event co-chairs, Hamid Vossoughi and Ted Kesik were integrally involved throughout planning and development of this Forum, helping to make the event the success that it was. Similarly to FTI’s beliefs, Ted stated during his presentation, “Nothing contributes more to building resilience than passive systems, and the most important passive system in a building is the facade.”

About the Program and Speakers

The Forum included four expert-led panel sessions, each followed by moderated Q&A, on topics ranging from building innovation to building materials, sustainability and resilience, and future-ready strategies. The special presentation, Facade Resiliency Matters, was given by Ted Kesik of the University of Toronto and Facade Tectonics Forum: TORONTO Co-Chair along with Hamid Vossoughi of WSP who organized the speaker program.

Kevin Stelzer of ENFORM Architects moderated the session Building Innovation: Creative Project Design and Delivery Practices; Past, Present, and Futurewhich featured speakers Gordon Stratford of City of Toronto Design Review Panel, Doron Meinhard of Hariri Pontarini Architects, John Kooymans of Read Jones Christoffersen, and Robert Quattrociocchi of Ellis Don Corporation.

John Peterson of MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects moderated the session Building Material: Performance and Geometry Driving Expansion of the Facade Materials Palette which featured speakers Yvon Chiasson of Morrison Hershfield, Roberto Bicchiarelli of Permasteelia North America, Antonio Monserrat and Michael Steinhuelb of seele, and Arthur Huard of GlassCan.

Scott Armstrong of WSP Canada moderated the session Building Renewal: Accelerating Urban Sustainability Progress Through Facade System Renovation which featured speakers Annette Mathews of PCL Constructors Canada, Harrison Chanof WZMH Architects, and Don Delaney of Flynn Canada.

Kevin Day of Krisro Metal Industries moderated the session Building Futures: Anticipating Tomorrow’s Needs with Future-Ready Strategy which featured speakers David De Rose of Synergy Partners, Lori O’Malley of PCL Constructors Canada, and Alex Lukachko of RDH Building Science.

“We want to thank everyone who helped make this event the success that it was, the continued support of our members, speakers and Forum sponsors,” said Helen Sanders of Technoform and President of FTI. “This is the first year FTI decided to host a Regional Forum Series and we are thrilled with having sold-out the event.”

“Toronto is a special place in many ways, but certainly when it comes to building facade technology with the many thought-leaders active in the local community. The level of engagement in the Toronto Forum was unprecedented, the audience posed thought-provoking questions during the Q&A which created an active and dynamic dialogue between the Forum participants,” said Mic Patterson of FTI. “We look forward to continuing this momentum and engagement in Seattle, Houston, and New York City through 2019.”

About Facade Tectonics Institute

The Facade Tectonics Institute (FTI) is the premier member organization for building industry and professionals as well as academic, government, and nonprofit organizations and institutions focused on healthy and livable communities. The Institute’s primary objective is to fuel discussion and collaborative research that bridges fragmented market segments of the building industry, pairing government, academia, ownership, and industry professionals. Integral to this mission is the dissemination of historical, theoretical, and practical information derived from this research to the building marketplace, thereby acting as a conduit and facilitator for both learning and further collaborative research pursuits.

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  • Facade Tectonics Institute Hosts Sold-Out Regional Forum At The University Of Toronto

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