Rainscreen Fundamentals Education Day

It Takes a Village to Build a High-Performance Building

presented by Steven Gaynor

Presentation Overview

Moisture in buildings presents the number one problem for building owners. As we build high-performance buildings, the problem increases as we are not solving the problem. There are ways to properly control moisture and this presentation walks you through the issues and offers ways to address them.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the most common reasons for moisture problems in wall assemblies
  2. Compare the differences between a rainscreen wall assembly and a barrier wall assembly and examine how they relate to Chapter 14 of the International Building Code.
  3. Identify the key components in a rainscreen assembly and identify how their integration is critical to the durability and the overall performance of the wall as it relates to building enclosure control functions, including water, air, thermal, vapor, and fire.
  4. Learn about the formation of RAiNA and its work to establish definitions, standards, performance criteria, and guidance for rainscreen design.