Unstatic: The high-tech and low-tech of kinetic and dynamic facades

Most architecture is static and constant, predictable and fixed. But then there are those rare projects that are dynamic, interactive, and responsive. Kinetic architecture can be as efficient as it is captivating. It can be highly mechanized or cleverly low-tech. It's a growing industry that mostly flies under the radar, with some of the biggest kinetic fabrications in the world originating here in Minnesota. To shed light on this small but significant part of the industry, we bring together John Lanari of Enclos Kinetics, Mike McGrath of MG McGrath, Maure Creager of Sage Electrochromics, Tom Carruthers of Dream the Combine, Clayton Binkley of Arup, and Mic Patterson of the Facade Tectonics Institute to present the how and why of kinetic and dynamic facades.


John Lanari

General Manager, Enclos

Mike McGrath

President, MG McGrath

Maure Creager

Building Science Manager, Sage Glass

Tom Carruthers

Principal, Dream the Combine

Clayton Binkley


Mic Patterson, PhD LEED AP+

Ambassador of Innovation & Collaboration, Facade Tectonics Institute