Resilience thinking: The building threat of climate change and sea level rise

The resilience of buildings and urban infrastructure is a critical consideration in Miami where climate change is escalating storm frequency and strength, flooding and rising seas. Building owners, design professionals, contractors, material suppliers, insurers and indeed, local residents, all have a stake in outcomes emerging in the wake of the shocks and stresses produced by extreme events. What does resilience mean in this broader context and how do we think about these escalating threats in the case of vernacular buildings and infrastructure? What is on the horizon in terms of emerging threats and responses? This panel of experts considers how we might shape built environments to weather the coming storms.


Zach Nord

Director - Southeast Region, Vidaris, Inc.

Wesley Kean, AIA

Principal, KoDA

Marilys Nepomechie, FAIA, DPACSA

Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Professor of Architecture, Florida International University College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts

Jalal Farooq, PE

CFO, Al-Farooq Corporation