Bouncing back: Building resilience attributes of HVHZ projects

The attributes of resilience are relevant at all scales of buildings and urban habitat, but nowhere more so than with essential facilities, the building infrastructure involving emergency operations centers, medical facilities, police and fire stations, and critical communications, utility and transportation facilities, all which must remain operational through extreme events. But just what are these attributes and how are they realized in the design and construction of essential facilities like hospitals, but also other public facilities like office buildings and retail complexes and even residential buildings? This session explores these attributes in the context of recent projects and points to their relevance in a wide body of building types in the HVHZ.


Allan Shulman, FAIA, LEED AP

Founding Principal, Shulman + Associates

Jalal Farooq, PE

CFO, Al-Farooq Corporation

Ray Crawford

Crawford Tracey Corporation

Ron Hull, PE

Marketing Manager, Kuraray