Lucas Museum of Narrative Art – Façade Construction Update

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (LMNA) features one of the most innovative and geometrically complex enclosures currently under construction in North America. The double-curved FRP mega-panels are fabricated using a unique digital process specifically suited to FRP material properties. Stantec will discuss the design and delivery strategy utilized for this project and the challenges encountered in fabricating and erecting such an unprecedented enclosure.

Learning objectives:

1. Explore the unique geometry of the enclosure system.
2. The FRP panels are just the outer-most component of the enclosure assembly; see the makeup of the assembly.
3. Understand the unique challenges presented by the fabrication and installation of the enclosure.
4. The strategies employed to address these challenges will be discussed.


Photo of Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel

Principal, Stantec

Christopher Wood

Vice President of Operations, Skywalker Holdings

Andrew Kragness

Director of Computational Design, Martin Brothers