Facade Tectonics Forum: HOUSTON

Material Matters: Emerging Strategies and Design Practices for Facade Systems, Buildings and Urban Habitat

Facade Tectonics Forum: MIAMI was held on Thursday, October 10, 2019. For a recap of the event, please read the press release.

Some of the speaker presentations are available to view and download. To access these presentations, please click on the respective session in the program schedule below.


The building facade system uniquely impacts both performance and appearance at the combined scales of building and metropolis. The outcome of a new facade system program or renovation largely determines the lifecycle success of a building, and together these buildings largely define the ongoing success of urban habitat. Nothing in architecture has seen more applied innovation over recent decades than the building skin. Yet, navigating the implementation of a contemporary facade system program remains the single most challenging component of building design and construction. Escalating code requirements, increasingly complex facade system technology, emerging novel delivery strategies, convoluted supply chains and a constantly morphing risk environment combine to challenge the most savvy and experienced design and building teams.



Thursday, October 10