North American Passive House

Session #1: (10.15am - 11.15am)

1. Excellent Envelopes | Better Buildings:

This session will offer a Pecha-Kucha style presentation from leading Passivhaus practitioners from North America and Australia. Their projects range from high-rise offices, to fire-stations, dormitories and single family homes. They are located in various climate zones from arctic/cold and temperate, to hot and humid. Presenters will each share section details and assemblies from five recent or notable projects, demonstrating how they met the Passivhaus standard for a wide variety of project types and climate zones.


  1. New York/USA - Deborah Moelis
  2. Canada - Marine Sanchez
  3. Australia/NZ - Clare Parry
  4. California/USA - Bronwyn Barry

Session #2: (11.15am - 12.00pm)

2. Streamlining Passivhaus Process: integrating performance outcomes into professional practice. This session explores the wide variety of tools, techniques and processes being utilized by professionals and their consultants to streamline Passivhaus project design, optimization and delivery. Presenters will share integration strategies that connect Rhino, Sketchup, Revit and EC3 Embodied Carbon Calculator with the internationally used Passive House energy model. They will provide insights into how to seamlessly integrate Passivhaus and high performance delivery into standard design practice.


  1. Pablo Sepulveda - Aurecon’s PH workflow integration.
  2. Ed May - Ladybug to PH integration. Rhino integration overview using LB2PH (LadyBug to Passive House.)
  3. Kelly Fisher - DesignPH integration with PHPP
  4. Steve Mann - PHribbon, the PHPP embodied carbon plugin.

Session #3: (1.00pm - 2.00pm)

3. Q&A - Audience members are invited to an open discussion with our preceding PH session presenters. Join us to engage in dialog around the projects, tools and processes.

Session will be moderated by Bronwyn Barry, live from LA.