Metal Facades: Material, Surface, Shape | WORKSHOP – SESSION 2C

Hosted as part of the FTI's 2020 World Congress Workshop Series, this educational workshop intends to provide the participants with a deepened understanding of all aspects of metal use as it relates to building envelopes.

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This workshop will focus on the use of metal as a façade cladding material. The workshop will start off by covering a broad range of materials, such as aluminum stainless steel, as well as ‘natural metals’ like bronze and copper. In relation to those materials, he will take an in-depth look at surface finishing and panel shaping (2d and 3d). Wurster will then share the latest technological advancements in metal cladding, including digitally automated panel fabrication.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Increase knowledge about all commonly used metals in facade design.
  2. Explain digitally automated panel fabrication.
  3. Explain the different ways metal can be formed.
  4. Provide insights into the latest technological innovations.

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Stephan Wurster

Architect, Business Development Manager, Pohl