Pursuing Adaptive Enclosures: Design for the Changing Climate | WORKSHOP – SESSION 3A

Hosted as part of the FTI's 2020 World Congress Workshop Series, this educational workshop will explore practical thermal design concepts that can make or break energy efficiency, provide resiliency benefits and drastically affect human comfort and wellbeing.

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As the primary boundary separating interior and exterior spaces, building enclosures play a significant role in a building’s overall efficiency and resiliency.

High-efficiency buildings integrate space, facade, and internal systems to maximize energy savings and help make occupants comfortable, productive, and healthy. Facades designed for providing resiliency protect occupants during and after extreme events. Finally, third-party benchmark certifications rely on high-performing enclosures to achieve specified metrics for energy consumption and human comfort. We'll tackle facade design strategies to address each of these points.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Recognize facade design impact on human comfort and whole-building energy performance.
  2. Identify passive solutions to improve building energy performance.
  3. Discuss challenges involved with balancing building performance, constructability, and architectural vision.
  4. Identify drivers that affect the metrics for building performance assessment.

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Mike Huhtala, Architect

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger