2020 World Congress FAQ

The 2020 World Congress will take place virtually: each Wednesday in August, we will present plenaries and peer-reviewed papers; educational workshops will be held on Thursdays. Access to the poster gallery, networking, and the vExpo will be open throughout both days.

Why didn’t you cancel or reschedule the in-person event?

FTI decided to move the 2020 World Congress to an online format in order to provide our network with a place to come together during this difficult time. We’re confident that our attendees will experience the same levels of energy, education, and community as they have come to expect from the in-person event. Further, the World Congress is our largest fundraiser and is an important contributor to FTI’s financial health as a nonprofit, as it helps to support our staff and programming throughout the year.

What are the advantages of a virtual congress?

  • You save on travel expenses – hotels, meals, and airfare add up quickly.
  • You'll have access to triple the AIA learning units – earn up to 36 hours by attending the World Congress plus an additional 6 if you participate in the workshop series.
  • Get five-fold increase in accessible programming. All presentations are recorded, so you can watch on-demand anytime through the end of the year.
  • Our virtual platform creates three-fold increase in networking opportunities through features like real-time chat and integrated one-on-one videos. The attendee directory allows you to search and connect directly with the right people throughout the event.

When will the papers be published?

All registered attendees will receive access to the digital conference proceedings through the virtual conference platform at least one week prior to the start of the conference.

If you are an FTI member, you can access individual papers on the FTI website now! Simply Sign In and then navigate to Resources > Papers in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

For Registered Attendees

I’ve already registered for the event. Will my existing registration be transferred?

We’re excited to have everyone that already registered for the in-person event as part of the new online experience. If you’re already registered for the event, no action is required on your part. All World Congress registrations have been transferred to the new platform, with the temporary exception of building tours. We are working to confirm these in a virtual format and will reach out to those who registered for tours with further information.

How many hours of AIA CEUs will the virtual event provide?

The number of hours received will depend on the number of sessions you attend. By attending every available session, whether live or after the fact via the on-demand recording, one can earn up to 36 hours of credit. Session attendance will be tracked for reporting purposes. Attendees who also choose to attend all three workshop sessions can earn an additional 6 hours of credit (2 credits per workshop). Learn more and register for workshops here.

Is there anything I need to do in advance of the World Congress?

Not for now, as your ticket will automatically be transferred. One week before the conference, we will send an access link so that you may begin setting up your user profile and building out your schedule. In advance of the event, you will have access to an orientation video outlining the platform’s features and describing how to access them.

If you are interested in joining one of our workshops, learn more and register here.

What will the new format of the event look like? Where can I find a list of session dates and times?

We’re pleased to present the 2020 World Congress over the full month of August, with programming each Wednesday – plus workshops, access to the interactive virtual Expo Hall, and on-demand virtual tours available every Thursday. Because we’re coming to you virtually, we’re able to offer broader access to attendees over a longer period of time, reducing the number of sessions you will need to choose between and allowing you to make connections with other leaders in the industry over a longer period of time. Our new virtual schedule also allows for more time to watch the content, explore the vExpo, and engage with other attendees. To help avoid the “Zoom fatigue” that may come along with attending full-day online conferences, will be presenting no more than three hours of content per day, with virtual networking opportunities mixed in. You can find the full program here.

Please note that the virtual schedule shows times in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4).

Why are registration costs the same as the in-person event?

We feel confident that a virtual format will allow us to provide a greater level of value for attendees than even an in-person event would. We strongly believe that our best-in-class platform goes above and beyond to foster connection, encourage deeper learning, and allows attendees to access session recordings on-demand after the event -- in addition to reducing travel time and costs!

What do I do if I’m having tech issues during the event?

We created a short orientation video in advance of the event to reduce any technical issues attendees might experience, as well as specialized training for sponsors and speakers. We will also have “on-site” technical assistance available to attendees, sponsors, and speakers. If you’re experiencing an issue, the fastest way to get help is to click on Account > Need Help? in the main navigation menu of the virtual platform.

For Sponsors

For Speakers

How can I contact FTI if I have more questions or concerns?

Please reach out to us at any time – our goal is to make this transition as easy for you as possible. Send us an email at info@facadetectonics.org, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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