2023 Vitruvian Honors & Awards Program

Outstanding Facade Research Award

Research is an essential part of innovation. Our industry has seen an increased interest in research over the last fifteen years, driven by the multifaceted challenges facing our profession—environmental concerns, increasing complexity in building design and construction, necessity to improve building performance, financial considerations, etc. But there are also aspects that require dedicated research and development, such as adoption of advanced materials and facade systems, new digital technologies, and methods for improved collaboration and coordination. - Ajla Akšamija, from SKINS, April 2021

The Outstanding Facade Research Award is intended to recognize and honor outstanding research in the field of advanced building facade science and technology. Submissions may include academic, institutional, or industry initiatives on any topic involving the facade system. Collaborative industry-academic research initiatives involving multidisciplinary teams are particularly welcome. The research initiatives may address a virtually limitless array of possible subjects, from new product, system, or material developments to novel design strategies to innovative project delivery methods to new simulation and modeling tools and practices.

Submissions for the Outstanding Facade Research category will be evaluated in the overarching context of their potential impact, as described below.

The hierarchy of consideration for the Outstanding Facade Renovation Award will be:

  • 10% — Clarity (narrative and graphic representation)

  • 75% — Impact potential: The extent to which the research advances—or holds the potential to advance—design and/or construction practices leveraging the facade system for performance improvements that enhance the sustainability and resilience of buildings and urban habitat.

  • 15% — The extent to which collaboration and collaborative processes among the project team can be demonstrated to have played a definitive role in outstanding project outcomes.

Submission Requirements

Before beginning your submission, please review the following:

Submissions for this year's Vitruvian Honors & Awards has closed. Thank you for your nominations!