2023 Vitruvian Honors & Awards Program

Outstanding Facade Integration Award

…the systems and assemblies of the envelope are one of the four main parts of [a] building both in terms of their physical existence and in their contribution to overall building performance. The envelope protects the other systems from harsh aspects of the outside. It also works in conjunction with the other systems to ensure a safe and benign environment for the building occupants. Thus the envelope is a gatekeeper, allowing certain aspects of the exterior into the building, rejecting some and changing the nature of others. The design of the envelope is very complex and many factors have to be evaluated and balanced to ensure the desired levels of thermal, acoustic and visual comfort together with safety, accessibility and aesthetic excellence. - Whole Building Design Guide

Whole building design, holistic building design and building systems integration are terms that point to the escalating importance of considering and balancing all of the myriad variables the impact all aspects of building performance. The building facade system is the nexus of many of these often-competing considerations, critically impacting performance at the multiple scales of facade system, building and urban habitat. The Facade Tectonics Institute views the facade system as the pivot point, the very key to the transformation to a resilient and sustainable built environment.

The intent of the Outstanding Facade Integration award is to single out facade systems that demonstrate the most considered, comprehensive and appropriate integration and adaptive responsiveness within the context of a given building project.

For example, functional integration can involve automated blinds and lighting systems linked through a building management system to optimize daylighting while mitigating glare and minimizing electrical lighting. But functional integration can also involve, ventilation, fire suppression, water harvesting, power generation, media messaging and more. We are looking for facade systems that play a central role in facilitating this form of holistic building design.

Submissions for the Outstanding Facade Integration category will be evaluated in the overarching context of innovation and sustainability, which may include diverse considerations ranging from design concepts to project delivery strategies, supply chain management and lifecycle performance attributes.

The hierarchy of consideration for the Outstanding Facade Integration Award will be:

  • 10% — Clarity (narrative and graphic representation)

  • 50% — Integration

  • 40% — Sustainability (The extent to which the integration contributes to resilience and sustainability goals in buildings and urban habitat.)

Submission Requirements

Before beginning your submission, please review the following:

Submissions for this year's Vitruvian Honors & Awards has closed. Thank you for your nominations!