2023 Vitruvian Honors & Awards Program

Project Submission Requirements

Before beginning your submission, please review the assessment criteria and eligibility to ensure your project or project team qualifies for the award. Once you have reviewed the assessment criteria and eligibility, please prepare the materials outlined below in order to successfully complete the online submission form.

Note that some award categories include additional submission requirements as detailed in the specific award description.

1. Basic Project Information

  • Project Name

  • Project Address

  • Completion Date (month and year)

2. Project Data

  • Structural Material

  • Facade Type

  • LEED (or other) Rating (if applicable)

  • Stories

  • Building Height (ft)

  • Square Feet

  • Facade Area and WWR

  • Glass Type(s)

  • Materials

  • Building Systems

  • Project Processes

  • Facade Types

  • Performance Principle(s) (i.e. Barrier, Mass, Rain Screen, Pressure-equalized Rain Screen, etc.)

  • Performance Design Criteria

  • Performance Achieved (calculated and/or tested)

3. Project Team

  • Owner/Developer

  • Architect(s)

  • Engineer(s)

  • Facade Contractor

  • Facade Maintenance Contractor

  • Project Managers

  • Main Contractors

  • Material Suppliers

  • Other Consultants (if applicable)

4. Written Description

Please prepare answers to the following questions within the given word counts.

  • Description of the project or building upon which the submission is based. (200 words/1,500 characters max.)

  • Description of the comprehensive roles of the team members. (300 words/2,250 characters max.)
    • Give a brief description of each wall type including system, predominant materials, WWR, square footage, and location (e.g., curtainwall with IGU vision panels and shadowboxes, 22,500 sqft [2090 sqm], 62%WWR, north elevation, 3rd to 17th floor) (70/525 characters words max for each type).

    • Description of facade related innovations. (500 words/3750 characters max.)

    • Description of the importance of the innovations and potential positive disruptive influence on the industry as a whole. (200 words/1,500 characters max.)

    • Describe the holistic integration of the facade system with the building and other building systems, if applicable (300 words/2250 characters max.)


  • Description and quantitative analysis of the sustainability and resilience attributes of the submission, including explicit goals established by the owner and design team early in the project and the extent to which these goals were met. Cite relevant metrics. This may include carbon footprint (both operational and embodied carbon), daylighting, water/energy harvesting, health, wellness and productivity and biophilic attributes. (500 words/3750 characters max.)

5. Additional Documentation

A selection of projects images and drawings are required for each submission. At minimum, please include a plan, elevation, and typical section as well as headshots and short biographies for all relevant team members.

General Requirements

Images and drawings should be submitted as a single PDF file and should be medium to high resolution.

  • Supported file format: PDF document, size A3, 300 dpi; 8-pages max

  • Total file size cannot exceed 50 MB

Captions & Copyright

You will be required to provide copyright information and captions for each image uploaded. For the benefit of the jury, please be as descriptive as possible in your captions.

6. Participation Consent

Participation in the FTI Vitruvian Honors & Awards Program requires consent to the following:

  • All award nominees are expected to comply with the following responsibilities:
    • A representative of the project shall attend and present at the FTI 2023 Vitruvian Honors & Awards Ceremony to be held virtually on September 14th, 2023.

  • All projects entered to the FTI Vitruvian Honors & Awards will also be included in the online FTI Project Database using the provided submission content and descriptions.

Right to Usage of Materials: All submitted text and images are provided with the understanding that they may be used in Institute materials, including the FTI website, press releases, award announcements, and other means of publicity for the purpose of promoting the 2023 Vitruvian Honors & Awards Ceremony. Copyright clearance and payment of any fees for artwork is to be organized by the submitter prior to submission. FTI will properly identify all materials with the appropriate copyright notice and credit line, as supplied during the upload process.

Ready to submit a project for consideration? Please complete the online submission form in accordance with the deadline.