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SKINS: October 2021

Behind the facade: FTI voices of diversity, equity and inclusion

Like many businesses and institutions, we at FTI have been wrestling with challenges of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), what it means to us, and how to realize these important aspirations in the Institute.

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William Green


Crucial Conversations of Diversity & Inclusion

"In order to leverage the benefits of diversity in the workforce, companies need to establish a strong culture of inclusion and equity. Differences among people should be far more than tolerated, they should be acknowledged, embraced, and celebrated."

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Tactics to Expand Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce: Mentoring and Apprentice Programs

"Mentoring and apprentice programs are invaluable tools in bringing more young people into the professions of architecture and engineering, as well as construction and the trades."

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Sanjeev Tankha


Diversity and Team Building

"Team leaders and decision makers can most effectively change firm culture by building diverse and inclusive teams of individuals from varied economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures."

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Celebrating Diversity in Architecture

"As anyone in an underrepresented group knows, reacting is not enough, persistent and sustained action producing measurable results is key to transformative change, and that transformation should be expected within 5-8 years not 40."

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Bridging the Gap Between the Facade Industry and Diversity

"We are the architects of our experiences. By embracing our differences and opening ourselves up to our shared experience we can bridge the things that separate us, things like race, gender, ethnicity, circumstance, and so on."

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High Performance: Who Benefits?

"...it’s clear that if you want to live in a building with higher performance, you are going to pay for it. This may seem like a simple reality of our free markets, but it also begs the questions: who benefits from high performance facades and fenestration?"

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Runner in shadow.


Sunlight, facades and equality.

The Municipal Art Society of New York's "social vulnerability assessment sought to identify populations for whom protecting sunlight in the public realm is particularly critical."

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African american and caucasian females embrace, one hold and "end racism" sign.


The Psychology of American Racism

Academics find that racism is alive and well and increasing in America; their paper addresses seven factors that contribute to American racism. It concludes with suggestions for future research, and specifically identifies ways of promoting anti-racism.

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Ethnic mix of young creatives look at camera.


AIA Guides for Equitable Practice

The AIA addresses DEI topics with its Guides for Equitable Practice. The Guides addresses critical topics of workplace culture, compensation, recruitment and retention, mentorship, and sponsorship, and concrete next steps to help turn intent into action.

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Vitruvian awards cover image


2021 Vitruvian Honors & Awards Program

The winners of this year's Vitruvian Honors & Awards have been selected...but it's top secret! Join us online for a symposium on December 2nd at which the winners will be announced and their winning contributions presented, along with select runners up.

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Embodied carbon

Addressing climate change through façade design - Vaclav Hasik

There is a growing awareness and interest in understanding the carbon footprint of material manufacturing, opening doors to new opportunities in facade design and manufacturing innovation. There are steps and decisions we can make today to help fight climate change.

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Embodied carbon

Kaleidoscope: Bringing the Lens of Embodied Carbon to the Early Design Process - Becca McGee Sturgeon

Kaleidoscope brings the imperative topic of embodied carbon further into the design process, offering a simple, straightforward tool to quickly make apples-to-apples comparisons of typical building systems for use in early design decisions without the need for a 3D model.

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Embodied carbon

Carbon crisis: The embodied carbon challenge

Climate scientists have been warning us for years, of course, that we are approaching a tipping point -- a moment when some nasty feedback loops would kick in to accelerate global warming dramatically, and the result would be a drastic increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events floods, fires, hurricanes and the like.

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Codes & Standards

No timid steps: Be bold and generous!

Across the entire world, the only places you’ll find high-performance buildings being consistently constructed at massive scale are those places where it’s the only way to get a building permit. - Duane Jonlin, FAIA, City of Seattle, Department of Construction and Inspections

Tough love.

Embodied carbon

Embodied Carbon 101 from CLF

This resource aims to provide a high-level overview of embodied carbon — how it is defined, its significance in the global climate crisis, and why it is an important consideration for policymakers.

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Embodied carbon

Embodied Carbon in Building Enclosures: Why It Matters - Laura Karnathe

While the majority of the embodied carbon in a building typically comes from the primary structure, the enclosure is both critical to energy performance and a significant source of embodied carbon in new buildings, and even more so in adaptive reuse projects.

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The judging is complete! Vitruvian Honors & Awards. REGISTER NOW!

FTI is introducing a new biennial honors and awards symposium. The inaugural event is happening on December 2, 2021. Registration is open.

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