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  • Episode 05: 2020 World Congress Series | Put Your Sweater On!

    Dive deeper into the top papers from the 2020 World Congress! We invite you to tune in to the second episode of the series with Eric Haas, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C, Principal at DSH // Architecture, who will be speaking about his winning paper, "Put Your Sweater On! A Case for Low Performance."

  • 2019 Request for Research concept Briefs

    The FTI Research Committee is requesting Research Concept Briefs describing a team and approach for evaluating industry needs and challenges surrounding four key topic areas in which FTI has identified a need to accelerate innovation. The proposed research will clearly identify knowledge gaps and ba

  • Balancing Visual Comfort and Energy Efficiency featured image

    Balancing Visual Comfort and Energy Efficiency

    With increasing interest in wellness and human-centric design in workplaces, the design of building enclosures is predicated on optimizing competing …

  • Direct Sun and Occupant Comfort

    Direct sun on the body is a known potential cause of thermal discomfort for occupants, yet most thermal comfort simulations do not capture its effect…

  • Put Your Sweater On! featured image

    Put Your Sweater On!

    During the particularly cold first months of 1977 President Jimmy Carter, in what some call “The Sweater Speech,” famously noted how much energy coul…

  • U-Factor Matters in Hot Climates featured image

    U-Factor Matters in Hot Climates

    It is commonly thought that fenestration U-factor is not a key determinant in the performance of facades in hot climates, and generally the focus of …

  • Thermal Performance of Closed Cavity Facades featured image

    Thermal Performance of Closed Cavity Facades

    Closed cavity facades (CCF), a configuration of Double Skin Facade (DSF), consists of a double-glazed unit on the inner layer and single glazing on t…