Member Directory

Bridging the many segments that comprise our fragmented industry is a mission strategy of the Institute. Our board and committee members purposefully comprise leading professionals from an array of building industry sectors including owners, developers, architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, as well as academic and other institutions.

Photo of Pieter  Peters
Pieter Peters Individual Professional
Photo of John  Peterson
John Peterson Individual Professional
Photo of John Eric Peterson
John Eric Peterson Individual Professional
Photo of Bryan  Premont
Bryan Premont Individual Professional
Photo of Lisa  Rammig
Lisa Rammig Individual Professional
Photo of Joseph  Schettino
Joseph Schettino Individual Professional
Photo of James Gregory Soules
James Gregory Soules Individual Professional
MICHAEL SPEICHER Individual Professional
Photo of Maria  Stratulat
Maria Stratulat Individual Professional
Photo of Kelly  Sutherlin McLeod
Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Individual Professional
Photo of Lucas  Tryggestad
Lucas Tryggestad Individual Professional
Photo of Ye  Wang
Ye Wang Individual Professional
Photo of Peter S Whitehead
Peter S Whitehead Individual Professional
Photo of Stephan  Wurster
Stephan Wurster Individual Professional
Photo of Yuzhen Steve Zhou
Yuzhen Steve Zhou Individual Professional
Photo of Mary Ben  Bonham
Mary Ben Bonham Individual Academic
Photo of Gabrielle  Brainard
Gabrielle Brainard Individual Academic
Photo of Timothy  Brown
Timothy Brown Individual Academic
Photo of Joshua  Schultz
Joshua Schultz Individual Academic
Photo of Syma Haque Trisha
Syma Haque Trisha Individual Academic
Photo of Bruce N Wright
Bruce N Wright Individual Academic
Photo of Charles K Knickerbocker III
Charles K Knickerbocker III Individual Retired
Photo of Sam W Berrigan
Sam W Berrigan Individual Young Professional
Photo of TEST Stephen  Callender
TEST Stephen Callender Individual Young Professional
Photo of Jelena  Madzarevic
Jelena Madzarevic Individual Young Professional
Photo of Jesse  Pringle
Jesse Pringle Individual Young Professional
Photo of Ege  Savran
Ege Savran Individual Young Professional
Photo of Sharis  Valdez
Sharis Valdez Individual Young Professional
Photo of Wang  Yuzhou
Wang Yuzhou Individual Young Professional
Photo of Mohamed  Abdelwahab
Mohamed Abdelwahab Individual Student
Photo of Abubakar Girei Adamu
Abubakar Girei Adamu Individual Student
Photo of Taruna  Aiyyar
Taruna Aiyyar Individual Student
Photo of Ahmed  Alyahya
Ahmed Alyahya Individual Student
Photo of sahar  assadi
sahar assadi Individual Student
Photo of Abdelrahman  Badr
Abdelrahman Badr Individual Student
Photo of Ron  Bailie
Ron Bailie Individual Student
Photo of Ishita  Bansal
Ishita Bansal Individual Student
Photo of Nathaniel  Buettner
Nathaniel Buettner Individual Student
Photo of Khoa Pham Vu Bui
Khoa Pham Vu Bui Individual Student
Photo of Stephen  Callender
Stephen Callender Individual Student
Photo of Jorge Emmanuel Canales Barrera
Jorge Emmanuel Canales Barrera Individual Student
Photo of Indro  Cavanna
Indro Cavanna Individual Student
Photo of Foster  Commerce
Foster Commerce Individual Student
Photo of Gabriela  de Paula Weinert
Gabriela de Paula Weinert Individual Student
Photo of Edgar  Devora Roman
Edgar Devora Roman Individual Student
Photo of Janani  Ganesan
Janani Ganesan Individual Student
Photo of Bolong  Gao
Bolong Gao Individual Student
Photo of Kenisha  Gardner
Kenisha Gardner Individual Student
Photo of Matthew Paul Gilligan
Matthew Paul Gilligan Individual Student
Photo of Nabhajit  Goswami
Nabhajit Goswami Individual Student