Member Directory

Bridging the many segments that comprise our fragmented industry is a mission strategy of the Institute. Our board and committee members purposefully comprise leading professionals from an array of building industry sectors including owners, developers, architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, as well as academic and other institutions.

Name Location Member Type
Kuraray Corporate Partner
Schüco USA Corporate Partner
Boston Valley Terra Cotta Corporate Executive
Permasteelisa Corporate Executive
seele, Inc. Corporate Executive
TriPyramid Structures Corporate Executive
Dow Corporate Associate
Finishing Contractors Association Corporate Associate
Lerch Bates Corporate Associate
Technoform North America Corporate Associate
Valmont Structures Corporate Associate
Vitro Architectural Glass Corporate Associate
W&W Glass, LLC Corporate Associate
WRNS Studio Corporate Associate
Antamex Industries Corporate Supporter
Heintges Consulting Architects & Engineers P.C. , Corporate Supporter
Kreysler & Associates Corporate Supporter
MdeAS Architects Corporate Supporter
Miller Hull Seattle, WA Corporate Supporter
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope Corporate Supporter
Roschmann Steel & Glass Constructions, Inc. Corporate Supporter
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Corporate Supporter
SOCOTEC, Inc. Corporate Supporter
The Architect's Newspaper Corporate Supporter
Aarhus University Academic/Nonprofit
Bibliotecas UdeC Academic/Nonprofit
IIBEC Academic/Nonprofit
National Fenestration Rating Council Academic/Nonprofit
RAiNA Alexandria, VA Academic/Nonprofit
University of Utah Academic/Nonprofit
WWCCA Academic/Nonprofit
Thomas Auer Individual Facade Geek
Angel Ayón Individual Facade Geek
William Babbington Individual Facade Geek
Richard Barrett Individual Facade Geek
Eliot Benor Individual Facade Geek
Israel Berger Individual Facade Geek
Charles Blomberg Individual Facade Geek
Keith Boswell Individual Facade Geek
Aaron Burke Individual Facade Geek
James Carpenter Individual Facade Geek
Csilla Csoke Individual Facade Geek
Jason Danielson Individual Facade Geek
Shreya Das Individual Facade Geek
Steve Dean Individual Facade Geek
Chris DeHaven Individual Facade Geek
Graham Dodd Individual Facade Geek
Beres Dowdle Individual Facade Geek
James N Field Individual Facade Geek
Michael Flynn Individual Facade Geek
Winfried Heusler Individual Facade Geek
Kevin Hydes Individual Facade Geek
Christoph Ingenhoven Individual Facade Geek
Karen Kensek Individual Facade Geek
Ted Kesik Individual Facade Geek
Joe Theodore Khoury Individual Facade Geek
Ulrich Knaack Individual Facade Geek
Raditia Lasry Individual Facade Geek
Pascal Lessard Individual Facade Geek
Martina C Y Lind Individual Facade Geek
Vivian Loftness Individual Facade Geek
Tim MacFarlane Individual Facade Geek
Matt Miller Individual Facade Geek
Becher Eli Neme Individual Facade Geek
Douglas Noble Individual Facade Geek
James O'Callaghan Individual Facade Geek
Mauro Overend Individual Facade Geek
Mic Patterson Individual Facade Geek
Max Perilstein Individual Facade Geek
Uta Pottgiesser Individual Facade Geek
Bill Sante Individual Facade Geek
James M. Smith Individual Facade Geek
Werner Sobek Individual Facade Geek
Chris Stutzki Individual Facade Geek
Sanjeev Tankha Individual Facade Geek
Hamid Vossoughi Individual Facade Geek
John Walker Individual Facade Geek
Matt Williams Individual Facade Geek
William Zahner Individual Facade Geek
Peter Arbour Individual Professional
Anthony E Birchler PE Individual Professional
Elizabeth Bishop Individual Professional
George M Blackburn. III Individual Professional
Valerie Block Individual Professional
Peter Bouras Mr Individual Professional
Tony Cinnamon Individual Professional
Ryan Danks Individual Professional
Kevin Day Individual Professional
Florian Doebbel Individual Professional
Matthew G Ferraro Individual Professional
Kimberly Patricia Garcia Individual Professional
Richard R Green Individual Professional
kerry hegedus Individual Professional
Dan Helphrey Individual Professional
Sameer Kumar Individual Professional
Peter Lalas Individual Professional
Gerry Lang Individual Professional
Irene Martin Individual Professional
Derrick N Meinn Mr Individual Professional
Thomas Joseph Moore Individual Professional
Pieter Peters Individual Professional
John Peterson Individual Professional
John Eric Peterson Individual Professional
Bryan Premont Individual Professional
Lisa Rammig Individual Professional
Joseph Schettino Individual Professional
James Gregory Soules Individual Professional
MICHAEL SPEICHER Individual Professional
Maria Stratulat Individual Professional
Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Individual Professional
Lucas Tryggestad Individual Professional
Ye Wang Individual Professional
Peter S Whitehead Individual Professional
Stephan Wurster Individual Professional
Yuzhen Steve Zhou Individual Professional
Mary Ben Bonham Individual Academic
Gabrielle Brainard Individual Academic
Timothy Brown Individual Academic
Joshua Schultz Individual Academic
Syma Haque Trisha Individual Academic
Bruce N Wright Individual Academic
Charles K Knickerbocker III Individual Retired
Sam W Berrigan Individual Young Professional
TEST Stephen Callender Individual Young Professional
Jelena Madzarevic Individual Young Professional
Jesse Pringle Individual Young Professional
Ege Savran Individual Young Professional
Sharis Valdez Individual Young Professional
Wang Yuzhou Individual Young Professional
Mohamed Abdelwahab Individual Student
Abubakar Girei Adamu Individual Student
Taruna Aiyyar Individual Student
Ahmed Alyahya Individual Student
sahar assadi Individual Student
Abdelrahman Badr Individual Student
Ron Bailie Individual Student
Ishita Bansal Individual Student
Nathaniel Buettner Individual Student
Khoa Pham Vu Bui Individual Student
Stephen Callender Individual Student
Jorge Emmanuel Canales Barrera Individual Student
Indro Cavanna Individual Student
Foster Commerce Individual Student
Gabriela de Paula Weinert Individual Student
Edgar Devora Roman Individual Student
Janani Ganesan Individual Student
Bolong Gao Individual Student
Kenisha Gardner Individual Student
Matthew Paul Gilligan Individual Student
Nabhajit Goswami Individual Student
Jasper Holtus Individual Student
Jong-uk Im Individual Student
Lingfan Jiang Individual Student
Mariella Victoria Jorge Individual Student
Harishankar kallepalli Individual Student
René Kromer Individual Student
Aakash Kumar Individual Student
Manan Rasesh Lakhani Individual Student
Nicolas Lamoureux Individual Student
Phuoc Van Le Jr Individual Student
Katelyn Lentz Individual Student
Ricardo Lionar Individual Student
Jameel Marsden Individual Student
Jaime Martinez Barragan Individual Student
marc metry Individual Student
Michalis Michael Mr Individual Student
Jose Moreno Individual Student
Noora Naji Individual Student
Duc Toan Nguyen Duke Individual Student
Jamie O Callaghan Individual Student
Tejaswini Krishna Padindala ms Individual Student
Kalsank Krupa Pai Individual Student
Long Thanh Pham Individual Student
Santiago Quinatoa Individual Student
Robert De Nobrega Quintal Mr Individual Student
saba Raji Individual Student
Shuja Rehman Individual Student
Mark Gian Rito Individual Student
Luz Rodriguez Individual Student
Antonio Russo Individual Student
Brice M Schiano Individual Student
Sadiqul Islam Shehab Individual Student
Hugo Sousa Individual Student
Andrei Silviu Stan Individual Student
Leigh Stone Individual Student
HANİFE SÜMEYYE TAŞDELEN miss Individual Student
Neil Thelen Individual Student
Bryan N. Toton Individual Student
Colleen Tully Individual Student
Nathanail Tzoutzidis Individual Student
Luke Synan Ulicny Individual Student
Elias Vanhee Individual Student
Jarred W VanHorn Individual Student
Alla Vinogradova Individual Student
Jamie Waxter Individual Student
Zhihao Zhao Individual Student
Emily Zheng Individual Student
jing zheng Individual Student