Cast-In Channel Anchors: Technical Update & Successful Design | WORKSHOP – SESSION 1C

Hosted as part of the FTI's 2020 World Congress Workshop Series, this educational workshop will update attendees on technical standards and applications developed for cast-in channel anchors over recent years.

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This style of anchor is critical to economic installations meeting architectural demands at the façade/interior interface. Co-presented by thought-leaders from Hilti and AVRO, the workshop will also address common pitfalls to avoid, recommending design and construction team coordination processes to ensure successful installation.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. To list and understand the current standards and key aspects.
  2. To identify critical parameters for successful design.
  3. To provide guideline design and construction coordination recommendations.
  4. To discuss potential pitfalls to avoid.

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Russell Davies

Principal, AVRO

David Fortin

Senior Business Developer, Hilti