2021 Vitruvian Honors & Awards Program

Outstanding Facade Preservation Award

The Outstanding Facade Preservation is awarded to a deserving facade system intervention on an existing building with the predominant goal of preserving the character of the original.

Submissions for the Outstanding Facade Preservation category will be evaluated in the overarching context of innovation and sustainability, which may include diverse considerations ranging from design concepts to project delivery strategies, supply chain management and lifecycle performance attributes.

The hierarchy of consideration for the Outstanding Facade Preservation Award will be:

  • 10% — Clarity (narrative and graphic representation)

  • 25% — Durability

  • 25% — Utility

  • 25% — Beauty

  • 15% — The extent to which collaboration and collaborative processes among the project team can be demonstrated to have played a definitive role in outstanding project outcomes.

Submission Requirements

Before beginning your submission, please review the following:

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